Mark Golding

Mark Golding

Few people would disagree that art is a powerful form of creativity. Many artists see their work as a form of self-expression, a way to make sense of the world, and a way to make money doing something that they love.

But for one artist in brighton, art is so much more than that. Mark Golding lives in Lewes, Sussex and was inspired to create his masterpieces after what he describes as a near-death experience.

For Mr Golding, his artwork is an essential pathway and representation of his spiritual beliefs.

He said: “I became extremely ill, and when I lay down at the last stage of my illness, I thought I was about to die, and fully expected to not see the next day.

“During my [near-death] experience, I was ‘spoken to’ and ‘heard’ a voice telling me that I could not die yet, as I had ‘work to do’… I then arose from my death swoon, unsure and uncertain as to what my work was to be, and subsequently I started to draw. I’ll add that I had not drawn since I had left school.

“Having experienced the vast and limitless potentials of the Akashic Records during a near-death experience, I returned to my physical body with a responsibility to use my life in service – to sow seeds of love, wisdom and compassion. Every touch of my art is in service to the highest goal, that of enlightenment for all sentient beings.”

But what are the Akashic Records? Many theologians, spiritualists and philosophers differ on precisely what these records are, but the accepted view is that it is a mystical dimension in which all records of human existence, and cosmic history are contained. Some describe it as a kind of library or “universal supercomputer”.

It is claimed that these records can be accessed during out-of-body experiences or deep hypnosis.

Mr Golding claims to have accessed these records, which in turn inspired his artwork.

His main specialism is in drawing healing mandalas – a circular image which is symbolic of a return to spiritual enlightenment or perfection.

His designs are similar to the practice of sacred geometry which is the geometry used in the planning and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars and tabernacles.

In sacred geometry, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions.

He believes that his art has the potential to not only comfort people on an aesthetic level, but also to heal.

“By representing perfect potentials through my art, I wish to offer immediate beauty, and sensual engagement that facilitates a glimpse of inner peace and understanding that can be built upon, over time, through contemplation and meditation.

“I create individual healing mandalas as templates for clients and therapists, following consultation, and also for communities.I understand the manner in which light, pattern and colour enter the eye, and thereby initiate feelings. I also understand the potential of art to heal, and here I explain the actual manner in which my art has an impact. I think we are on the brink of realising the potential of ‘medicines for the eyes'”.

He currently has his own website, and sells his artwork independently.

However, his creativity has also attracted the attention of the same online gallery which has previously displayed works of art by Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono and Tracy Emin.

Mr Golding believes that every artist has a unique perspective and story to share, but added that he would love to see a time when art was used in a more positive way.

He added: “I understand that every artist has their voice, and I can neither criticise nor validate their work, though of course I have my personal taste. When I visit the Tate I see the art upon the walls, and attune to the sensibilities of the artists, and access all manner of feelings, from bliss to revulsion, it does make me wonder why some artists wish to create sensationalist and glamorous depictions of savagery of the human condition.”

In addition to creating masterpieces, Mr Golding also meditates regularly, and has been a practitioner of shamanism for many years. All of this feeds into his passion for art and creativity.

He added: “Art and creativity are expressions, and those who choose to express their spirituality through art are creating a legacy and a visual record, that has the potential to serve in the present, and long into the future. Art remains as a living legacy.”

He has also sold artwork throughout the USA, Scandinavia, Europe, Burma, the Middle East and the UK.

His current exhibit is at Zu Studios in Lewes, and will be hanging for the next two weeks.


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