Shelby Lynch

Shelby Lynch

An inspirational teen in Leeds has been awarded for her bravery, it has been reported.

Shelby Lynch won the Inspirational Child category at the national Wellchild Awards.

The teen suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and was picked from hundreds of other contenders from across Britain. She also has a condition called Scoliosis and is confined to a wheelchair.

Shelby is 17 years old and was nominated by her carer, Eve Malam. She needs 24-hour ventilation meaning she is reliant on care around the clock for her condition.

Shelby is known in the community for her work in film and production, and once received a silver prize in the Golden Owl Awards for her part in editing a film.

She has a passion for tv production and dreams of becoming a film director.

Speaking about the nomination, Eve Malam, Shelby’s carer, said: “Shelby’s dreams and aspirations encourage others to aim high.

The creative and enthusiastic ways in which she goes about achieving these give confidence to all those around her to think outside of the box and to take an active part in life and in living.

“Her energy and charm never fail to spark happiness and inspiration in those who surround her, and for that I believe she deserves recognition. Being a teenager isn’t easy but being a teenager with SMA and facing the challenges in the way that Shelby does every day is an incredibly inspiring feat. Nothing in her life ever seems to burst her bubbly personality.”

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