Thursday’s high winds could be felt as it spelt the end of the Autumn sun, and the return to below average temperatures. Over the last few days, two motorists were killed in storms that swept across Great Britain.

Gales lashed out across southern England, forcing an end to the sun, and blowing away the Indian summer. Several hours later the winds had eased, which was then followed by significant rainfall. It wasn’t just the UK that suffered, towns and cities across Northern France did to. There were delays of up to one hour on DFDS Seaways’ cross-Channel ferries between Dover and Calais because of the poor conditions, that ripped through the channel.

It caused significant damage, as the wind caused havoc everywhere it blew. People got severely thanks to the torrential rain. Many found it difficult to hold their umbrellas up, as they struggled against strong winds and rain.

Throughout London and Kent, 50 mm of rain fell and about almost half of the monthly rainfall figures on last October in just two days.

A Met Office spokesman told the Daily Mail: “There will be really heavy downpours and they will produce a lot of rain in quite a short period of time. Conditions for driving could be difficult because of the amount of surface water. After a period of warm and calm weather, the country was initially blasted by gales on Thursday.”

The wind speeds vary across the nation. Great Dun Fell in the Pennines saw wind speeds of up to 66mph and at Donna Nook, on the Lincolnshire coast, winds peaked at 59mph. The South of England also suffered severe disruption.

A motorist was reported as having died on the A350 near Trowbridge, Wiltshire, in a collision with a lorry. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, and the road was closed.

The reasons for the accident were due to when the heavy rain and winds hit the area.

The second road tragedy happened in Bournemouth. The driver driving a Jeep had spun off the A35 and crashed into a wall around. This forced the road to be closed for several hours, and caused serious delays for commuters getting to work.

Many trunk roads were affected by falling debris. Scaffolding covering a former HSBC bank in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk collapsed during the high winds. It fell onto a neighbouring bank. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

However, the crazy weather has produced bumper crops especially where pumpkins are concerned. They have been springing up throughout the country.

Yet, if one wants a white Christmas, the bookmakers William Hill is already offering odds of 25/1 for this winter to be the coldest on record. One hopes not because the cold weather can be felt in the morning. It is hoped that the Autumn will stay a little longer, to help make up for the very cold start of the year, as we experienced six months of below average temperatures. It is only by being prepared in advance with these new extremities of weather conditions we are facing, will we be prepared to face any situation that we are faced with on a day to day basis?

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