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A brave young man in Lincolnshire has vowed to continue his fundraising activities despite having cancer, it has been reported.

At the tender age of 9, Ethan Maull, was diagnosed with a rare form of children’s bone cancer last Christmas, but even this has not stopped him from raising money on behalf of charities such as Cancer Research.

The inspirational youngster has already raised £4,000 for the charity, but his efforts have not stopped there.

He has now vowed to raise funds for the Nottingham Children’s Hospital, after undergoing a round of chemotherapy there at the start of this year.

In an interview with the Lincolnshire Echo, Ethan spoke of his desire to help other families of children affected with cancer.

He said: “I want the money we raise to buy wireless headphones and a tv at the end of every patient’s bed.I also want to buy new toys and games for the children to keep entertained while they are in hospital.”

Ethan has also helped to spearhead the The Ethan Maull “Up Yours To Cancer” foundation which aims to raise money for a new ward where children and their families can stay whilst undergoing treatment for the disease.

He is currently staying in one such residence called Billy’s House – located close to the hospital. However, the number of spaces available in that house are limited and Ethan aims to raise enough cash for a new residence to be built.

Ethan’s mum spoke of her pride in the resilience and selflessness shown by her son. She said: “The main thing that upset him was losing his gorgeous blonde curly locks. All the patients on the ward have beads of courage which they keep with them, every bead is different in shape, colour and size and signify a step in their treatment. I picked one for Ethan and I chose a green heart to signify I was giving him a piece of my own heart.”

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