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Is this the mark of the beast?

A growing number of people in the UK are getting microchipped, according to new findings.

The BBC recently featured video stories from a number of people – some of them from Leeds – who call themselves “bio-hackers”.

One lady known only as ‘Holly’ said she had a microchip implanted in her hand, which goes into her Facebook Art Page to use as a “digital business card”.

Those who have had it implanted claim that it can help them to control small devices and other electronics.

Microchips use the same technology that was initially trialed on animals, although there are now plans to try and convince humans to have them.

One of the women interviewed by the BBC called for microchips to be imposed on hospital patients to replace hospital tags.

The reasoning behind that is the implanted device would then be able to access the person’s medical history and make it available to others should that person become incapacitated.

However, an expert who was interviewed by the BBC said that although some of the microchips today are fairly simple, in the future, they could become a danger and be used against the population.

The microchips can be programmed for almost any purpose and are currently being tested on willing volunteers.

Last year it was reported that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is already working on microchips that can be implanted into soldiers’ brains to make them more resilient to warfare.

Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, transhumanism, microchips, RFID

Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan

However, transhumanist Zoltan Istvan reported that the military is also concerned about unauthorised technology that their personnel may implant themselves.

He told journalists: “The Navy is struggling to create policy around solider or sailors that enter military service with non-authorised chips embedded in them.

“This makes perfect sense since the tech has grown so small, that chip implants can now do a wide range of things – tracking, making payments, monitoring blood flow and bodily health – and be totally hidden in human beings.

“You can imagine how challenging that would be if someone had a non-authorized chip implant on a nuclear base – so policy has to be created and created soon.”

He had attended a meeting with senior members of the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, which investigates new concepts of warfare.

He founded the Transhumanist Party which aims to explore ways that human beings can be merged with technology such as artificial intelligence and programmable devices.

A key part of his election campaign for president is that all children in the US should be given GPS implants.

Mr Istvan, who has a RFID chip – similar to the technology used in contactless credit cards in his own arm, said: “It’s crazy to me that we don’t develop it and use it in ourselves more, and especially in our children.”

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