Queen Elizabeth School has come under fire for installing cameras in the girl's toilets

Queen Elizabeth School has come under fire for installing cameras in the girl’s toilets

Parents have reacted with anger after it was found that CCTV cameras were installed in toilets at a school in Wales.

The equipment has been placed in public areas across Queen Elizabeth High School in a bid to deter vandalism and bullying.

Parents took to social media to highlight their disgust with the policy.

One parent, Guy Smith, said: “Obviously vandalism is an issue, but there’s probably only a handful of wrong-doers, and I feel everyone is being punished for that. I feel it’s a fait accompli. There should have been a proper consultation with parents and children.”

Last year, Sandon Business, Enterprise and Arts College came under fire for installing cameras in the toilets.

At the time, one parent, Carly Smith, aged 32, of Meir, who has a 14-year-old daughter at the school, said in an interview published by the Stoke Sentinel: “When I heard about the cameras I couldn’t believe it. To me, it’s one step away from getting cameras put inside the cubicles.

“The school has told me it’s because of vandalism but my daughter says there hasn’t been any vandalism in the girls’ toilets. These girls are at the age where they can be self-conscious about their bodies and I don’t think they would be comfortable knowing they are being caught on CCTV. Who knows what images these cameras will pick up.”

Others argued that cameras were being used as an easy solution, and that instead, teachers or other staff members should be put in the toilets to supervise.


Of course some people justify cameras in school toilets by arguing it could cut down on bullying or vandalism. It is also argued that the toilets do not actually film inside the cubicles themselves.

However, what it does represent is a slow step towards the all-out invasion of privacy. Naturally, any invasion of privacy could be justified in this way. Furthermore, once people become accustomed to cameras inside the toilets, how soon before the same arguments are made for cameras being installed inside the cubicles – for the same reason?

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