Millions pledge to defeat Monsanto

Millions pledge to defeat Monsanto

Millions of people across the world have vowed to take on Monsanto on May 25th this month, it has been revealed. Protesters from over 286 countries are set to join the global rally against the food giant which was once dubbed as the “most evil corporation” on the planet by health campaigners. Monsanto is infamous for producing genetically engineered food[Read More…]

Obama signed the  HR 933 legislation into law which gives Monsanto legal accountability

Monsanto granted immunity from legal accountability

Monsanto has been made immune from the law after legislation was passed which effectively removes the food giant from any corporate responsibility. Section 735 of the HR 933 legislation has been dubbed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ after the government effectively banned federal courts from being able to halt the sale of genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) foods, even[Read More…]

How daisies can help treat sports injuries

How daisies can help treat sports injuries

Anyone who has ever taken part in a sport knows how painful sports injuries can be. There is nothing worse than playing a game of football on a warm afternoon, only to fall over or be tackled to the ground and painfully twist an ankle. Not only are sports injuries painful, they can also result in swelling, broken bones and[Read More…]

Jayne Storey

‘Mindfulness makes business sense’

Encouraging employees to practice mindfulness and meditation in the workplace can boost productivity and enhance concentration, according to two new findings published recently. According to Jayne Storey, a performance coach who has helped to train Olympic athletes, celebrities and directors in top businesses, practicing “mindfulness” in the workplace helps employees to quickly and easily become more efficient. As the founder[Read More…]

This picture shows a demonstration of spontaneous qigong as seen in the video

Can drug addictions and cancer be cured by QiGong?

What if I told you that some of the world’s most severe diseases such as cancer, MS and drug addiction could be cured using Chinese medicine… You’d think I was crazy right? But what if I wasn’t? Akashic Times has interviewed a medical doctor, martial artist and lecturer by the name of Dr YK Leung, who has helped thousands of[Read More…]