Grenfell Tower block: The Great Fire of London Revisited

Grenfell Tower block: The Great Fire of London Revisited

Fire Brigade checked Grenfell Tower block days before the blaze broke out More than 30 people have been confirmed dead in a blaze that ripped through a West London tower block shortly before 1am on June 14th. Many more are reported as missing, and survivors say they only escaped after hearing neighbours banging on their door. More than 500 people[Read More…]

Zara Beattie was once a promising football player. She is now in a wheelchair, following a vaccination. Her parent's say the jab caused her illness.

Parent’s of teen left permanently disabled claim HPV vaccine was the cause of her illness

A teenager from Cumbria has been left permanently disabled and “feeling like an 80 year old” after having the HPV vaccine, it has been reported. Zara Beattie, 13, from Wigan was once a promising football and netball player. However, she began began struggling for breath in a PE lesson in January last year soon after having the vaccine. Initially, her[Read More…]

Lord Monson lost his son due to use of Skunk

The effectiveness of CBD oil in treating Western ailments

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has countless benefits when it comes to treating illnesses. While many are waking up to the benefits of CBD oil, the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its related compounds has been known about for thousands of years, even as far back as ancient Greece, and Egypt. However, the healing properties of marijuana have only just been rediscovered[Read More…]

Scientific studies prove existence of meridians

Scientific studies prove existence of meridians

A new scientific study has recently confirmed the existence of meridians, which researchers have referred to as the “primo-vascular system”. According to scientists at Seoul National University, this system is a crucial part of the cardiovascular system. As part of the study, researchers injected a special staining dye which coloured the meridians. By injecting the dye onto acupuncture points, they[Read More…]

The effectiveness of sunscreen lotions has been called into question

Sunscreen lotions under the spotlight

  A Cochrane review has published the results of its findings of a study that attempted to determine how effective sunscreen was in preventing skin cancer. There wasn’t much data on the topic to be found, so the review includes the results of just one study, which compared the daily application of sunscreen with the occasional use of sunscreen over[Read More…]