Fannie Sebolela

Ex gardener turns impoverished school into one of South Africa’s best

The power of the human spirit has never failed to amaze. It is incredibly inspirational to hear about individuals who have singlehandedly helped to change their communities for the better. And why is this important? It is important because not only does it encourage others to do the same in a world where all we hear about is doom and[Read More…]

Mayam Mahmoud

Egyptian rapper takes a stand against sexism

A leading female rapper in Egypt has taken to the stage to speak out against sexism in her country. Mayam Mahmoud is an 18 year old rapper who has been featured on ‘Egypt’s Got Talent’ and performed on stage for the first time last October. Brave and outspoken, Mahmoud says that her aim is to challenge entrenched notions about how[Read More…]

Intel vows to stop using conflict minerals

Intel vows to stop using conflict minerals

Intel has recently vowed to stop using conflict minerals, it has emerged. The multinational electronics company is responsible for producing computing chips and other technological devices, which often make use of conflict minerals such as coltan in order for them to work properly. However, they have now claimed that they will no longer include precious metals mined in regions controlled[Read More…]

The Fukushima has been subject to a number of severe radioactive leaks this year

Heavy rain causing radioactive leaks at Fukushima

Heavy rain has caused further radioactive leaks at Fukushima, it has been reported. The findings came as a team of experts from the UN’s nuclear watchdog ended their review of Japan’s progress in cleaning up after the tsunami-sparked meltdowns of March 2011 created the worst atomic disaster in a generation. The leak is the latest in a long line of[Read More…]

Sudan protests: a taste of things to come?

Sudan protests: a taste of things to come?

Major protests have erupted across Sudan due to the fragile economy and rising food prices which have continued to grip the country. At least 29 people have been killed as the protests spiralled out of control. The skirmishes have so far spread across the cities of Wad Madani, Khartoum, Kassala, Port Sudan, Gadarif, Sinaar and Nyala. The sharp depreciation of[Read More…]