Gerald Nuckolls

A danger to women and children: The ugly face of police brutality in the US

Recently, much ado has been made in the media about the Django unchained actress, Daniele Watts who was recently handcuffed by police in LA after she was accused of being a prostitute. While the case was focussed on her and opened up the debate about perceived institutional racism and the actions of all of those involved on the day, there[Read More…]

Alama Kanté, sang her way through throat surgery in a world first.

Singer undergoes throat surgery using power of hypnosis

The power of hypnosis has been laid bare after a professional singer literally sang her way through throat surgery to avoid losing her voice. Alama Kanté, a Guinean singer based in France, is the first ever patient to have a tumour removed from her throat while staying awake. The surgey took place at Henri-Mondor hospital in France, while the 31[Read More…]

The abduction of the missing girls in Nigeria has given the US an excuse to use military intervention.

Blog: Missing Nigerian girls: An excuse for military intervention?

Almost everyone has heard the heart-wrenching stories of the girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped, supposedly by the Boko Haram. What has been particularly interesting is that this has caught the heart-strings of President Obama, and various politicians across the world. Supposedly. These are same political leaders who turned a blind eye to the rape and the torture of[Read More…]

Daniel Orija

Biomedical student launches UK’s first technological and ethical menswear label

Setting up your business can be tough at the best of times. Nowadays, as the economy slowly and surely starts to recover, an increasing number of people are rejecting the traditional 9-5 paradigm, and taking their future into their own hands. Daniel Orija is one such person. He is the founder of the fashion label Daniel and Lade, which was[Read More…]

Professor Jonathan Jansen was one of South Africa's first black Deans

‘Make love not war’ says South Africa’s first black Dean

Professor Jonathan Jansen knows more than anyone how hatred and conflict can lead to the complete destruction and colonisation of a country. He grew up during the apartheid era when a young black man from South Africa had no prospects and was very likely to end up in prison during the white minority rule. But that was not to be[Read More…]