The homes of hostages were bombed by Israel

Israeli Shelled Own Citizens, According to Reports

In a shocking turn of events on October 7, the Israeli military received orders to shell Israeli homes and even their own bases as part of a stated bid to neutralize Palestinian gunmen, it has been reported. Testimonies from witnesses on the ground and emerging evidence point to a series of controversial decisions made by military commanders, raising questions about[Read More…]

Al Jazeera Arabic's Gaza bureau chief, Wael Dahdouh cradles his son

Israeli Military Targets Families of Journalists

In a tragic escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, Israeli airstrikes have claimed the lives of at least twenty Palestinian journalists, marking one of the deadliest days for local reporters since the onset of the military’s bombing campaign nearly three weeks ago. The international community is increasingly alarmed as Big Tech platforms, in coordination with Tel Aviv, play a[Read More…]

Israeli Airstrike on Ambulance Convoy Draws International Outcry

Israeli Airstrike on Ambulance Convoy Draws International Outcry

In a tragic incident in the besieged Gaza Strip, an Israeli airstrike targeted an ambulance convoy near al-Shifa Hospital, resulting in the loss of 15 lives and injuries to 60 individuals. Health officials and aid workers were quick to condemn the attack, emphasising the devastating consequences of violence in this conflict. The convoy, comprised of ambulances transporting critically wounded patients[Read More…]

Israel has blocked aid ships from arriving in Gaza

Israel blocks aid from reaching the Gaza strip

The Israeli navy has seized an aid boat that was headed for the Gaza strip, it has been reported. The Freedom for Gaza vessel, which had 12 people and medical equipment onboard, was intercepted late on Friday and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod, the Israeli military said in a statement. The ship was part of a four-vessel Freedom[Read More…]

Israeli forces kill two Palestinian teens and injure several more

Israeli forces kill two Palestinian teens and injure several more

Israeli air raids have killed at least 2 Palestinian teens and injured many more, it has been reported. Amir al-Nimri, 15, and Luay Kaheel, 16, died of their wounds on Saturday shortly after an airstrike targeted al-Kutaiba, an area in western Gaza, the health ministry said. Twelve others were wounded by the attack. The al-Kutaiba square is adjacent to a[Read More…]