Police Brutality

Native Americans banned from protesting

Native Americans banned from protesting

Native American tribes have been banned from protesting on their own land, it has been reported. A non-violent protest has been held by the Sanding Rock, Rose Bud and lower Brule Sioux, tribes has resulted in a North Dakota federal court prohibiting indigenous tribes from protesting the Bakken pipeline on their own reservations. The ban comes after Dakota Access, developer[Read More…]

This footage shows Charles Kinsey doing exactly what he is told, while trying to care for his patient. He was shot anyway.

Florida police shoot unarmed therapist who was trying to rescue his patient

  A video has emerged of US police officers shooting an unarmed therapist who was trying to care for an autistic patient. Charles Kinsey had tried to explain to officers that he was a behavioural therapist caring for an autistic patient sat next to him. Despite this, he received a gunshot to the leg by police officers. North Miami police[Read More…]

Police officer beats pregnant woman into an early miscarriage

Police officer beats pregnant woman into an early miscarriage

A pregnant woman from the US has filed a lawsuit after a police officer beat her so badly that she suffered a miscarriage. Lawyers for Kenya Harris said that police officer Ryan Jenkins threatened to beat her up when she came to pick her son up – a minor – up when he had been arrested. Ms Harris had gone[Read More…]

Dima was arrested on her way to school

Palestinian pre-teen beaten and jailed by Israeli soldiers

A 12 year old girl has become the youngest child to be beaten and imprisoned by Israeli soldiers while she was on her way to school. Dima al-Wawi, was sentenced to four-and-a-half months in prison and an an eight-thousand-shekel fine (£1,500) after she was kidnapped arrested while she was walking in the West Bank town of Halhoul. The area is[Read More…]

Nadeem Nawara

Palestinian father fights for justice for his son

A Palestinian father is fighting for justice after his son was murdered by Israeli troops two years ago. Palestinian Siam Nawara’s 17 year old son Nadeem Nawara, was killed on May 15th 2014, during a Nakba Day protest outside of Israel’s Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. Court days to bring his son’s murderers to justice[Read More…]