Brave new scotland? State appointed spies to monitor new families

Brave new scotland? State appointed spies to monitor new families

The Scottish government has introduced a state appointed guardian for every child, who will have the final say over how a child is brought up. Under the Children and Young People Scotland Bill, employees from maternity, education and other services will be encouraged to monitor parents and judge them on their ability to raise their children according to social and[Read More…]

Tick bites have been known to cause red meat allergies

Tick bites trigger red-meat allergies

Very few people like bugs – especially ticks which have traditionally been associated with conditions such as Lyme disease, in countries such as America, for example. But new research has revealed that there may be yet another reason to dislike them – they have also been linked to red meat allergy. According to US researchers from the University of Virginia[Read More…]

GM crops have been shown to cause cancer in rats

Aspartame toxin gets facelift

Aspartame has received a brand new makeover thanks to its producer which has come up with an inventive new name for the poison. Following much controversy over the side-effects of aspartame, Ajinomoto the makers of the toxin have decided to rebrand it as a “natural sweetener”. It is currently known as AminoSweet, after originally operating under the trade names “Nutrasweet”[Read More…]

Talcum powder boosts cancer risk

Talcum powder boosts cancer risk

Talcum powder can boost the risk of cervical cancer by nearly a quarter, new research has shown. Research published in in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, showed that women who regularly use talcum powder to keep fresh raise their risk of ovarian cancer by 24 per cent. Around 40 per cent of women are estimated to use talcum powder for[Read More…]

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NSA spy program sparks outrage among campaigners

The US government has persisted with efforts to spy on every single, man woman and child in the America despite widespread opposition. According to mainstream press reports, a “top secret” document has revealed that under the Obama administration, the National Security Agency (NSA) has requested the details of every single phone record made both in the US and outside of[Read More…]