US Federal Authorities Demand User Data from Google in YouTube Investigation

US Federal Authorities Demand User Data from Google in YouTube Investigation

US federal authorities have ordered Google to provide names, addresses, phone numbers, and viewing histories of users who watched specific YouTube videos, according to Forbes magazine. Additionally, the authorities requested the IP addresses of those who viewed the videos without being logged in. The government’s request is linked to an investigation into a suspected crime committed by the publisher of[Read More…]

The NHS is monitoring patient lifestyles

Privacy Concerns Rise as NHS Uses AI to Monitor Patient’s Lives

In a move raising eyebrows, the NHS is venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence to monitor people’s eating and drinking habits, with a focus on minimizing “avoidable” hospital admissions. As part of a pilot scheme launched in Buckinghamshire, the tracking extends to everyday appliances like kettles and fridges, prompting concerns about privacy and the extent to which technology is[Read More…]

Amazon Ring has settled a lawsuit with the FTC over spying claims

Amazon’s Ring Cameras Spying on Customers, According to FTC

In a startling development, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has exposed a web of privacy breaches involving Amazon’s Ring, the popular doorbell camera company. The revelations have sent shockwaves through the tech industry and ignited fresh concerns about surveillance and data security. The FTC’s investigation revealed a disturbing pattern of privacy violations that spanned from 2017 to 2020. Customers, who[Read More…]

The FBI has revealed that smart TVs can be used to spy on people

FBI Warning: Your Smart TV is Watching You

The FBI has issued a spine-chilling warning over the scope of smart TVs, it has been revealed. Smart TVs, while often hailed for their convenience and streaming shows, contained inherent cybersecurity risks, according to the FBI.  The Bureau has emphasised that manufacturers often prioritise ease of use over robust security measures, leaving smart TVs susceptible to various cyber threats. One[Read More…]

Hunger Games? Oculus Founder Invents Killer VR Headset

Hunger Games? Oculus Founder Invents Killer VR Headset

The man who was credited with founding Occulus has created a VR headset that he claims can kill you. Palmer Lucky who founded Oculus which was later sold to Facebook, says that his NerveGear device has been designed so that if someone dies in the game, this would trigger the headset to kill the wearer in real life too. Palmer[Read More…]