Bishop Hubert Victor Whitsey

Police confirm they would have questioned Bishop Hubert Victor Whitsey if he was still alive

The Church of England has apologised to former victims after it was revealed that the former Bishop of Chester was due to be questioned over a string of sex abuse claims shortly before he died in 1987.

Bishop Hubert Victor Whitsey, was accused of abuse by 10 victims, male and female, some of whom were children at the time.

The crimes were said to have been committed between 1974 and 1982. He was bishop at the time, before he died in 1981.
Assistant Chief Constable at Cheshire Police Nick Bailey said: “Following a thorough investigation and taking into account all of the information available, it has been established that, if Bishop Whitsey were alive today, as part of the investigation process he would have been spoken to by police.

“This would have been in order to outline the details of the allegations made and to provide him with an opportunity to offer an account of events.”

While much has been revealed about the abuses of the Catholic Church, very little has been unveiled about the abuses that have taken place at the Church of England.

Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu and the current Bishop of Chester, Dr Peter Forster said in a joint statement: ‘We are deeply sorry and apologise to those individuals who have come forward to share their account of abuse by a bishop in the Church of England who was in a position of power and authority.

“We appreciate that it is very difficult for individuals to come forward and to give their account. Sexual abuse is a heinous crime – and is an absolute and shameful breach of trust. We acknowledge that for survivors, the effects of sexual abuse are lifelong.”

Although the abuse was reported to members of the clergy at the time, this did not result in the bishop being questioned while he was alive.

Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer from the firm representing four of Bishop Whitsey’s alleged victims, called for an independent review into “who failed to act when they learnt of his heinous behaviour.”

Some of the victims reported that the sex abuse made them attempt suicide on more than one occasion.

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