Last week, on Easter Sunday, police in Northumbria were called after children were caught committing the evil crime of building a den in the local woods.

The group of girls were busy making a treehouse in Warkworth Woods when local dog walkers called the police after they saw the girls building the den.

Police then arrived on the scene and stopped the activity.

One of the parents of the girls spoke out against this latest act of criminalising young children: “I just couldn’t believe they would send a police officer for that. It is incredible. When I heard the kids were going to the park to build a den I was delighted.

“They seem to spend most of their time on their phones and wandering the streets – at last a proper way to spend their Easter Holidays. They had no drink, drugs or loud music – they had pop and crisps from which they’d had the foresight to buy on their way as they knew it’d be a long day. They even texted me a picture showing me how the den was getting on mid-afternoon.”

The case comes just days after a group of boys were ordered to tear down a tree house they built.

Just last year, an 11 year old girl by the name of Sarah was taken to court on criminal charges for wearing too much perfume.

Sarah had dabbed the perfume on after other children in the class teased her and told her that she smelled. The teacher then sent Sarah out of class and rang the police who issued her with a $150 fine and a court appearance, after Sarah used the fragrance on herself.

Commenting on the case, Sarah said: “I didn’t do anything wrong. I thought I didn’t smell good and the next thing you know, the whole class complains for no reason.”

She added that she had been the victim of bullying by some of the same students since the second grade.

A ticket can have a severely impact a child’s criminal record and ability to get into college.

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