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A new campaign has been launched in the New York suburb of Rockland County that will ultimately ban unvaccinated children from being in public places such as schools, churches, and certain stores.

With the recent outbreak of measles, the county claims to be taking precautionary measures to prevent any further outbreaks by declaring a state of emergency that would ban unvaccinated kids from these areas until they receive their vaccinations.

With over 153 cases of measles being reported, officials allege that this is becoming a crisis that county officials say they are not willing to stand by and watch without a fight. Vaccines are meant to prevent illnesses and save lives, however, it’s known that some individuals may be medically unable to receive vaccines.

In this case, the county is declaring that it is even more essential that children receive their vaccines to prevent further outbreaks and to protect the health of those that cannot receive vaccines. This ban is aimed at increasing the number of vaccinated kids and hopefully decrease the number of outbreaks that can be prevented by vaccines.

This New York county seems to be following in the footsteps of Italy, which has announced its ban on allowing children to enter public schools without being vaccinated. If students have not received their vaccines, their parents risk being fined as a result.

This new law has seemingly brought down the number of unvaccinated kids since it has been put into place, and more counties are trying to follow their lead. It seems that Italy’s decision on banning unvaccinated kids is quickly becoming a trend.

But, what will this new ban on unvaccinated kids in New York solve, and how will it affect children that are unable to be vaccinated for certain reasons unrelated to medical? Should it be the parent’s ultimate choice on whether or not to vaccinate their children?

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