Lizzie Holmes

Lizzie Holmes

An inspirational young woman from Yorkshire in England, has defied all odds by becoming a model – despite being an amputee.

Lizzy Holmes, 24 was born with ‘club foot’ – meaning both her feet were back to front.

This condition has caused her to suffer a lifetime of chronic pain and as a result she has had to undergo no less than 36 gruelling operations – the first starting when she was a baby.

Her first leg was amputated on the day after her wedding, and the second was amputated recently.

In an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, she explained: “I feel amazing, relieved and free. I have wanted to remove them for a long time as I know life will be much easier for me with prosthetic legs.”


But despite the difficulties she faces, she has refused to let that get the better of her and nor has it ruined her ambitions.

After being spotted by a modelling agency, Ms Holmes will be their only double amputee model and already has photoshoots in the pipeline.

She added: “I may never be completely pain free, as the way I’ve walked has affected my spine, but I already feel much better. While I am fit and young I can adapt to my new life. I don’t let my disability stop me from doing anything. I love to swim and I am looking forward to hopefully raising some money myself, so I can buy some special wet legs, to swim properly.

“I can’t wait to do some modelling, it will be brilliant. I am not embarrassed about my legs.”

Ms Holmes is also studying with the Open University to become a primary school teacher.

She will be given two sets of prosthetic legs by the NHS, one for everyday use, plus a pair of blades for running or sports.

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