Forum post which drew scorn from regular users

Forum post which drew scorn from regular users

The Daily Mail – a newspaper which regularly posts prejudiced articles against Muslims became embroiled in an entrapment scandal recently.

The grubby details of the case was exposed after an online post by a supposed Islamist extremist was traced back to the headquarters of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard.

A message was posted on British Muslim social forum urging others to “pledge allegiance to the caliphate.”

Hoping to stir up as much trouble as possible, new user “abuaisha10” suggested that people “get out of this evil country and pledge our allegiance to the muslim sharia law and get out of evil west (sic). “Who wants to join me so we can wage war and jihad against the corrupt west?”

But rather than causing others to start jihad in the UK, it simply drew roars of laughter and scorn from the regular forum users.

Instead, one user was able to trace the IP address back to the newspapers’ Northcliffe House HQ in London.


Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist hotline has since claimed they would investigate the source.

Commenting on the developments, The Federation of Student Islamic Societies president Omar Ali said: “Islamophobic hate speech, be it barefaced or disguised as news or political commentary, is having a real impact of the lives and safety of Muslims in the UK.

“It is high time that those politicians, commentators and institutions that espouse pernicious narratives about Muslims and Islam take responsibility for the terrible consequences of their words,” he said.

The Daily Mail has since denied that the postings had been sent from its offices.

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