Dr Nichola McChrystal has made quite a career out of lecturing parent's to take DNA tests

Dr Nichola McChrystal has made quite a career out of lecturing parent’s to take DNA tests

The DNA database programme is being implemented in full swing after parents were asked to voluntarily hand in DNA swabs of their children to cut down on childhood obesity.

For £120 Dr Nichola McChrystal is giving parents the option of receiving a 20 page report offering dietary advice based upon their genetics.

Children are then directed towards one of three types of diet – low fat, low carbohydrate or one that is balanced and calorie-reduced – plus exercise guidance, depending upon their DNA scores.

The ‘service’ is being provided by BioClinics, specialists in DNA, drug and alcohol testing, based in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

Currently, the tests are being marketing as a way to “protect the emotional wellbeing” of a child.

Dr McChrystal said that parent’s are “failures” if they don’t do all they can to prevent childhood obesity – including getting her expensive DNA tests.

She added: “Protecting the emotional well-being of a child is very important. However, not acknowledging a weight problem, or even that a child is starting to put on weight, is to fail as a parent, not just in the protection of that child’s physical well-being but also their emotional well-being.

“A parent does not need to tell their child they are fat. They already know, because they will be told every day by their peers in the playground. It’s time to stop wrapping this subject in cotton wool so as not to hurt people’s feelings.”

She lectured parents to “stop blaming the government” and “stop making excuses” and get the DNA tests.

She claimed: “‘I’ve been asked whether I think it excessive to perform DNA tests on children to aid weight loss, but my answer is that absolutely nothing is excessive when it comes to driving the obesity trends into reverse.”

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