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The former SAS soldier who recently made the public claims that Princess Diana was murdered has been apprehended by police and is set to be ‘grilled’ over his claims.

The man, known as Soldier N to hide his identity, will be grilled by Scotland Yard detectives after he came out and publicly claimed that Diana’s car crash was no accident.

He was recently reported as having fled to Thailand and then the Middle East after being in fear of his life.

The mainstream media are now reporting that their original reports which claim he had fled to Thailand were false.

However it is now being reported that ‘soldier N’ “had a change of heart” and is now back in the UK to face questioning over his claim that SAS soldiers flashed lights to deliberately blind the driver of Diana’s car and cause a collision.

Soldier N allegedly told his wife that the SAS used the technique, which was developed for targeting terrorism, against Diana’s driver in Paris in 1997 to cause him to crash.

The 38-year-old former sergeant will also have to answer questions about allegations that he smuggled thousands of pounds of stolen money into Britain after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is believed he fled to the United Arab Emirates, where there is a large British ex-military community.

Soldier N vanished just before he was due to be questioned by Scotland Yard’s Det Chief Insp Philip Easton, who is leading the investigation into the Diana murder claims.

But a source told the Sunday People: “He was told in no uncertain terms he had to return to face the music.

“He was aware the police wanted to interview him over claims he said the SAS were responsible for Diana’s death – and running away wasn’t the most ­sensible option.
“He’s now back in Britain and expects to be interviewed by the police. His partner and children are still in the UK so he really had little choice.”

It appears as though considerable “pressure” was placed on Soldier N to return. It is also unclear as to the reasons his identity is yet to be made public.

News of Soldier N’s return to Britain follows claims by an ex-MI6 agent that many secret service officers believe the UK government ordered Diana’s murder.

The former spy said MI6’s view in 1997 was that Diana, 36, had become an ­embarrassment and her affair with Muslim Dodi Fayed, 42, was a threat to the monarchy.

He said the question often asked by his bosses was: “What are we going to do about Diana?”

The MI6 spy told reporters: “Many people who worked for MI6 at the time thought the ­organisation played some sort of role in Diana’s death.

“My view was that Diana had become an embarrassment and if she’d married Dodi it would have presented significant ­difficulties for the monarchy.”

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