Woman Claims She Was Raped in Custody. Police Say They Lost The Camera Footage

A woman, who was carried into a police cell unconscious and handcuffed has spoken of a series of disturbing events that she says occurred while she was in custody. The woman, identified as Zayna Iman, 38, claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted during her detention by Greater Manchester Police (GMP), a case marked by baffling discrepancies.

Upon arrival, she was laid face-down on a narrow mattress, while officers remove her clothing and strip-searched her – as captured by CCTV. Zayna’s account is supported by her medical records, detailing evidence of sexual injuries. The three-hour gap in CCTV footage during her 40-hour detention has raised significant concerns.

The incident began when police entered Zayna’s home in February 2021, responding to a welfare call about a woman under the influence of cocaine. After an altercation led to her arrest, Zayna alleges a sequence of events that resulted in her being sexually assaulted while in custody. She has waived her anonymity to bring attention to the issue.

Medical expert Martin Harding, a former GMP chief superintendent, attests to the credibility of Zayna’s claims, stating, “I believe she was raped. I believe she was raped by an officer and I believe the organisation is covering it up.” However, GMP insists there is no evidence of misconduct or criminal offenses by their employees.

Three significant gaps in the footage have emerged, raising questions about the events during those periods. While GMP hasn’t provided an explanation for the missing footage, Zayna’s story is further corroborated by inconsistencies between the footage and custody records.

The investigation showcases that Zayna remained partially clothed for much of her detention, despite concerns about her welfare. Then later footage shows her totally nude in the cell. Inexplicably, Zayna’s memory during that time consists of flashbacks, prompting her to request footage through a subject access request. The Manchester mayor’s office informed her that GMP holds the relevant footage.

A woman claimed she was sexually assaulted in police custody

Zayna’s plea for transparency and accountability is echoed by other women who have encountered similar incidents at the same police station. Some allege that strip searches were conducted improperly and unnecessarily, prompting calls for greater oversight and understanding of these procedures.

GMP’s response to the allegations is mixed, acknowledging ongoing investigations while asserting that no evidence supports misconduct by their employees. Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods stated that he had initiated another referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to ensure a rigorous and independent review of all allegations.

As investigations continue, questions surrounding the missing footage, police procedures, and the treatment of detainees persist. Zayna and others affected seek answers, accountability, and meaningful change within the system.

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