Veterans for Peace mark Remembrance Sunday at the London Cenotaph. 10-11-13 The organisation of ex servicement set up to peacefully oppose war marched to the Cenotaph from trafalgar Square and laid a wreath of Red and White poppies. The event was not agre

This week, the media was ablaze with hundreds of reports of soldiers and citizens marking remembrance day with two minutes silence and laying poppies at the centopath.

However, what did not hit the headlines was a march by Veterans for Peace (VFP) gathered in Trafalgar square who then marched with their supporters to the Cenotaph under a banner saying ‘NEVER AGAIN’.

Ben Griffin, a former special forces soldier who left the army in disgust over its actions in Iraq also attended the march, along with Joe Glenton who was jailed for refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan.

And far from being disrespectful to those who gave their lives to die in mindless wars waged by the elite, Veterans for Peace was actually created by ex servicemen to raise awareness about war and campaign for its abolition as a foreign policy.

The UK movement is somewhat smaller than its US counterpart, but is gradually gaining popularity due to the failures and catalogue of human tragedies in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

In defiance of the laws designed to curb protests, the former soldiers did not inform the authorities in advance of the march, and after negotiation with officers who were stationed around the Whitehall Cenotaph, they were finally allowed to go ahead.

After arriving at the monument a wreath of predominantly white poppies (symbolising peace) was laid and a veteran of D-Day sang the anti war song 1916 . Following this, another veteran of the more recent Afghan conflict recited the famous poem ‘Suicide in the trenches ‘ by Siegfried Sassoon. The ceremony ended traditionally with the playing of The Last Post .

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