Facebook is encouraging users to send in nude photos of themselves

Facebook has introduced a new feature that aims to combat revenge porn by…getting its users to send in nude pictures of themselves.

The trial scheme will use image recognition technology to identify the photos that people send in and prevent those same images being uploaded by a vindictive lover.

It has been confirmed that a group of ‘specially trained’ employees will view the unedited nude pictures and create a ‘digital fingerprint’.

Of course the big flaw in the plans is that a jilted ex could simply upload alternative nude pictures because each photo has to be identified individually.

They could also upload the same image to other social networking sites, such as Instagram and Twitter.

The trial is currently being piloted in Australia and requires users to send in the naked pictures of themselves by using Facebook messenger.

Before it can be accepted by Facebook, the images will have to be reported to the Australian government’s eSafety Commission.

If the technology works as expected then a nude picture will be rejected if a jilted lover tries to upload the same image.

However, many social media users have criticised the plans and stated that it will not stop hackers or disgruntled employees from releasing the images.

A Facebook spokesman said Britain, Canada and the United States are also expected to take part in the project.

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