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Facebook has teamed up with New York University, as part of an artificial intelligence project designed to conduct more surveillance on Facebook users.

The technology will allow the tech giant to effectively put together a DNA map which allows them to see your purchasing habits, your conversations, your traveling habits and, most importantly, your health and medical records.

Essentially, what the information does is it allows Facebook to make sense of the random jumble of information that users post and builds up a complete database of personal information, habits, preferences, medical details, comments likes and personality traits.

The technology may also allow the tech giant to interpret and catalogue any jokes, references, or posts you make online and determine your mood, and personality by conducting detailed analysis of what you post, and when you posted it.

The California-based tech giant named professor Yann LeCun of NYU’s Center for Data Science to head up the project.

The lab will work on “machine learning,” — a branch of artificial intelligence that involves computers “learning” to extract knowledge from giant data sets.

LeCun, a French-born mathematician and computer scientist, said in a blog post that he was pleased to head up the project with “the ambitious, long-term goal of bringing about major advances in artificial intelligence.”
Recently, Facebook launched a new application which allows users to see a “movie of their life” created by the tech giant. The video is created from the various posts that users make on Facebook.

At this stage it is unclear whether there are any plans to share the data gleaned from the artificial intelligence algorithm, with third party organisations and companies.

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