Katie Bowman

Katie Bowman

A forensic science graduate told of how she became the target of police officers, because of a jilted lover.

Katie Bowman, 24, said that Thames Valley Police targeted her for nearly a year following a split from her boyfriend – who was a police officer.

Despite never having been convicted of a crime, she was stopped 70 times for suspected offences ranging from drink-driving to assault – none of the charges were upheld.

Although no convictions were ever secured against her, the police has kept damaging intelligence reports on her which are stopping her getting a job.
She has won the support of her local MP, Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who said he was ‘seriously concerned’ by damning comments held on file about her – many of which were trivial.

At the age of 18, Bowman was involved in a relationship with PC Ash,who was disciplined by his force for making inappropriate contact with her after their split.

It has also emerged that more than ten of the 40 intelligence reports on her were filed by a friend and colleague of PC Ash.

Following court action by Bowman’s family, Thames Valley Police launched a review last year and earlier this year and removed 20 of the reports.

But both Bowman and her family have vowed to continue the action to clear her name completely.

They also hope to bring the officers they claim are involved to justice and to seek compensation.

Miss Bowman, now engaged and expecting her first child, says she was breathtested 70 times – 54 in one year from September 2007. Each time the result was negative.

She was stopped on suspicion of possessing drugs and given a caution for an alleged assault – later rescinded after a professional standards investigation. Her car was seized eight times, and she was given disorder penalty notices.

As a result of the constant harassment by the police, Bowman has since been unable to leave the house.

These unfounded claims and allegations by the police have shown up in CRB checks and meant that Bowman was unable to secure a job as a ambulance call handler.

It saw her sacked from another job as a student paramedic three years later and prevented her from becoming a special constable in 2011.

Despite being disciplined for making unwanted contact with Bowman, PC Ash claims that the two were never an item.

It also emerged that at the time some of its officers were pursuing Katie, Thames Valley Police were found to be failing children who had reported sexual abuse.

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