Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town was attacked after calling the police

Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town was attacked after calling the police

Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town has revealed how she was badly beaten up by police officers, after calling 911 to report a burglary.

When officers arrived at the scene, Wilson approached them to let them know that a suspicious person was seen going in and out of a nearby building.
However, instead of going after the perpetrator, they instead informed her that she was under arrest.

Naturally, not knowing why she was being arrested, she resisted their physical contact and was assaulted as a result.

At the time, a bystander reported: “The three officers wrestled her to the ground. That did not need to happen.”

Wilson was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance and treated her for the injuries inflicted during the scuffle.

During the arrest, Wilson demanded that the officers read her rights, but the officers refused and informed her that they were actually not required to do that.

The incident occurred just a month after Wilson went public about feeling unprotected about the city she is living in.

Just a month into her stint as interim mayor, Wilson reported that she had a tumultuous relationship with the Chief of Police Adrian Roberts. She said the police department blatantly ignored her calls for service.

Furthermore, she had claimed that Chief Roberts prevented her from accessing public files and city ordinance codes.

She stated that Chief Roberts had also made threats towards her, which he has subsequently denied.

Just weeks after she went public with that statement, she was arrested by the same police department for reporting a burglary and documented the cuts and bruises she sustained after that incident.

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