Maisy Vignes

Maisy Vignes

In many ways, Maisy Vignes is like any four year old girl. However, there is one thing that makes her slightly different from all of the other children her age and that is – she has no blood.

Vignes’s entire blood supply was absorbed by her mother, Emma Vignes, 31, during pregnancy.

Her survival was described as ‘miraculous’ by medical professionals. When she was born in September 2009, she received three blood transfusions, which has helped to save her life.

Vignes was born with a haemoglobin level of a flat zero, which meant that she could not technically be classed as having any blood.

Her mother, Mrs Vignes, said in an interview published by the Telegraph: “I learned that Maisy had no blood – just a thin, plasma substance in her veins. They tried to find a vein to take a sample but they couldn’t draw any out. She had the first of her blood transfusions through her umbilical cord. Mook was able to see her in the incubator and she was unnaturally pale.”

Although there has been cases of people surviving with a low haemoglobin level of four, Vigne’s survival is all the more miraculous, because of the low prognosis.

Haemoglobin is the iron-containing pigment of the red blood cells, responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. Red blood cells make up about 45 per cent of the blood, with the rest composed of plasma, white blood cells and platelets.
Those with very low levels of haemoglobin have a very poor life expectancy if they are unable to get blood transfusions in time.

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