Sage scientists have insisted on reversing the lockdown rules

The government has designated June 21st as ‘freedom day’, an interesting term to say the least. 

However, a number of SAGE scientists publicly called for the restrictions to continue. They were joined by environment Secretary George Eustice, who said the government couldn’t ‘rule anything out’ when asked if the next phase of the roadmap could be delayed or watered down.

He added that the decision will be delayed until the middle of this month when ministers will make a decision about the Indian strain. 

Mr Eustice told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The Prime Minister has said all along that he is going to take this one step at a time and will only make the judgement on the next step, on June 21, about a week before that.

“The rates are going up again slightly but from a low base and probably to be expected, given there are a significant number of younger people who are now out and mixing but haven’t had the vaccine – I suppose that is to be expected. But the right thing to do in a couple of weeks’ time is to assess that data before deciding what we can do.”

His comments were echoed by someone called Professor Ravi Gupta, who sits on the Nervtag subgroup of SAGE who claimed that the vaccine was giving people a false sense of security. 

This is despite the government calls for more people to get vaccinated prior to the introduction of a vaccine passport.

According to Gupta, the third wave of Covid has already begun.

He was one of many experts calling upon the government to take away people’s freedoms in favour of a lockdown that was initially only meant to last two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’.

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