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Government scientists have once again affirmed their plans to control the weather in a bid to stop it from raining.

Scientists working on behalf of the Swedish government have published a paper outlining their proposals to disperse rain clouds or create “controlled showers”.

In their paper, the researchers said that using lasers could guarantee a cloudless sky. They are set to hold a conference this month to discuss the possibility of shooting pulses of light into the skies to control the weather.

At a conference of the World Meteorological Organisation entitled ‘Laser, Weather and Climate’, a team from the University of Geneva will report on experiments in which they used technology to control the weather.

In laboratory tests, Swiss researchers have succeeded in using the technology to promote cloud formation.

The technology has already been used in China to divert poor weather from important events.
In the Beijing Olympics which took place in 2008, scientists fired chemicals into the sky to disperse clouds for the opening ceremony.

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they reported: “Under conditions typical for thin cirrus ice clouds, the plasma channels [laser] induced a surprisingly strong effect of ice multiplication.

“Within a few minutes, the laser action led to a strong enhancement of the total ice particle number density in the chamber by up to a factor of 100.

“The newly formed ice particles quickly reduced the water vapour pressure to ice saturation, thereby increasing the cloud optical thickness by up to three orders of magnitude.”

They said the results “open the possibility for laser modification of natural cirrus clouds or the artificial seeding of cirrus clouds.”

This new paper, coincides with a previous announcement by Harvard scientists who published plans to use chemtrails and chemicals to control the weather,

David Keith, along with his colleague James Anderson, stated their intention to pump aerosol sprays into the sky in order to block out sun rays.

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