The government has officially announced plans to monitor Facebook accounts more closely.

The Cabinet Office said that it will start monitoring social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and blogs in an attempt to oversee public opinion.

It will partner with several companies including Gorkana Group Ltd, LexisNexis, Meltwater (UK) Ltd, Precise Media Monitoring LTD, Press Data Ltd, PRIME Research Ltd, and Runtime Collective Ltd, to gather data on the information people post on social media sites.

Their objective will be to flag up any “security concerns” and certain keywords that will allow them to gain an insight into the way people think.

They will also be following conversations that matter to the general public.

In an interview published by the Independent, the Cabinet office said: “We monitor digital, social and traditional media so we understand what people are saying, identify their concerns and shape policies accordingly.”

Although social media has always been monitored, this new arrangement means that the government will be able to do so more efficiently and quickly.

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