It is one of the hardest things to imagine in our lifetime, but with the war against terrorism and Daesh one has to ask the question has world war three already begun. The recent news events make depressing reading. We hear each day how Syrians are being bombarded by allies in the fight against Daesh, and then Daesh responds with terrorist attacks on European cities and threats of more attacks too. Germany is now involved in the fight alongside Russia, China and France.

However, is it little too late. Are we going down a slippery slope to a point of no return? Hundreds if not thousands are fleeing this area, They have left their families, woman and children to stand up against them. One act of terrorism and world war three now starts to raise its ugly head.

COP21 summit in Paris could be seen by many a distraction of what is really going on. All the world leaders together in Paris make it easier to take away the world’s attention to the fact that we are at war. Only Britain has at the moment seemed to abstain from any intervention, but for how long?

While we all sleep well at night in the safety of our own homes, we have to think of the people across Europe who are now beginning to feel the impact of mass immigration, the Syrian refugees who have been displaced from their families, the police forces and lorry drivers who are under strain, and yet no one reports on them. Unfortunately 2016 doesn’t look good at the moment. In fact it looks like things are going to get a lot worse before they start to get better.

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