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The UK Secretary of Health, Matt Hancock has made a series of startling statements regarding the need to vaccinate children, and what steps ought to be taken to ensure that parents vaccinate their children.

Statistics released by Unicef claimed that only 500,000 of the United Kingdom’s youth were vaccinated for measles from 2010 to 2017. 

In an interview with BBC’s Radio 4Today programme, Hancock stated in unequivocal terms that all options were open to consideration when it came to how best to address the lack of vaccinations in the UK. 

The Health Secretary said that while he didn’t see the need for compulsory vaccinations, he was seriously considering the possibility of such an approach. Hancock also added in a jab to any who dare to oppose his unwavering stance that parents who do not vaccinate their kids were morally reprehensible, have blood on their hands and are irresponsible. 

Aside from clear concerns over the implications that these statements pose for individual sovereignty and the right to free choice and privacy, there exist numerous studies showing indeed negative effects can potentially result from certain vaccinations. 

The Institute of Medicine Committee in the US has conducted studies showing that many recommended vaccines in use today have not been fully tested for safety. 

These risks can potentially increase in children with conditions that leave them vulnerable towards the negative effects these vaccines can carry. All of this brings us to the “MMR” vaccine, an abbreviation for “measles, mumps, and rubella”.

Though often recommended as a barrier of protection from these exact symptoms and conditions, “MMR” vaccines have been shown to have a highly probable association with a rise in autism spectrum disorders among children, and are often urged to be taken among pre-adolescent children by healthcare professionals. 

While it may be safe for most children, as with any other drug it carries its own set of risks, side effects, and dangers. Given what evidence shows, why does Health Secretary Hancock insist on personally attacking his opponents with such untamed malice? 

Perhaps he could advance his cause better by making arguments based on sound reason and demonstrable facts rather than personal slights. 

To compound the matter, another MP made comments suggesting it would be a wise approach to condemn the failure to vaccinate as a criminal offense. 

Hancock seems to concur, stating in a BBC interview that he is willing to take any and all options into consideration to see to it that more of Britain’s children get vaccinated. It remains to be seen, however, whether a “by any means necessary” approach is the right way forward for the UK.

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