A homeless man in San Francisco has been praised after saving a police officer’s life during an assault.
The officer was working alone at the time and trying to arrest a woman who was spotted jumping up and down on cars on Monday. The suspect in turn attacked the officer.
Raso says he saw the officer being beaten and calling for help while a small crowd watched. When the suspect went for the officer’s gun, he ran up and pulled her off.
He says his father was a police officer in New York and he thinks he would be proud.

Raso said: “An officer was being beaten up, a human; so I just did what’s right, you know. The person had the officer kind of in a chokehold, was kind of, had the officer against the wall, kind of banging, beating her head into the wall. A law enforcement officer is saying, ‘help me, help me’ when there’s no one else around doing anything.”

KGO-TV reported that the female officer’s colleagues spent four days looking for 35-year-old Ryan Raso before they tracked him down to thank him and to offer help in getting him into a shelter.

The case follows that of a former Crips gang leader who came to an officer’s defence after he was attacked by a man suspected of being in a drug-induced rampage.

The Dallas police officer may have lost his life, had it not been for the actions of Charles Alexander one of several homeless people who noticed the officer being beaten in the middle of the street. The former Crip gang leader is the last person you would expect to come to the officers’ aid.

But according to CBS News, the 45-year-old homeless man ran into the street and pulled Samuel Jackson off the officer. He then body slammed the suspect just as other Dallas Police officers arrived.

The city council said that Alexander would be invited to an upcoming council meeting for a special ceremony and certificate to honor his good deed.

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