Hornets have been reported as being on the increase. These insects are becoming a real problem. According to many reports that have been written over the last few weeks, a large number of people from the Shaanxi province in China have died as a result of their stings. These wasps are not the nice friendly type that attaches itself to anything sugary. They are thought to be the Asian giant hornets.

In fact they are better known as Vespa Mandarinia which are apparently the largest hornets in the world. They grow on average 2.2 inches in length. Their appearance is terrifying. The hornet attacks, which have been reported in China, appear to be more frequent than normal. The reason for this, according to leading health officials is due to warmer temperatures. This has led to an increase in breeding.

It was recently announced by the mayor of one of the affected cities in the Shaanxi region that plans were being established to contain the hornets. The 24-hour emergency response team has been on standby until the end of the wasp season in November.

However, many of the sufferers of these wasp stings have experienced acute renal failure. Others who tried to run away from them were out of luck, as their kidneys were infected by the venom. Several people lost consciousness during an attack. Doctors have counted more than two hundred stings on several patients’ bodies. It is almost like something out of a horror movie.

It seems that the Asian giant hornets are spreading themselves and becoming a menace worldwide. There were recent sightings in Illinois. It is only a matter of time before they spread. Things must be put in place today to put these pests under control. Until we do, we could witness more people dying from their venom, as they attack the weak and vulnerable. The reason behind the increase in these hornets has also yet to be determined or explored in detail.


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