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“Divide and conquer,” or more accurately put, “Divide impera.” It was a strategy employed by the Roman Emperor Julius Cesar to weaken and then obliterate any who endeavored to stand against his ever-sprawling Roman Empire.

While divisions may produce short-term results, in the end they invariably lead to a complete detachment from reality. Hitler also used an “us versus them” approach, by which he stated, “Our strategy is to destroy the enemy within, to conquer him through himself.”

We would hope that the ways of these conquering tyrants were a relic of the past, but in fact they remain a reality for the current global geopolitical climate, used and enforced by an advancing United States empire seeking its own objectives at the complete ignorance of humanitarian expense.

NATO, which serves as the European and American vehicle for global expansion, announced it is now seeking to implement the updated Aegis “anti-missile” defense systems this summer in Romania and Poland.

While claimed to be “purely defensive,” these weapons systems also possess the offensive capabilities of launching nuclear warhead missiles, thereby pushing the world one step closer to a catastrophic conflict with Russia.

Russia has already rebutted the step by NATO, stating that it would counter by placing similar missiles aimed at Europe within its own territories. Under the urging of United States President Donald Trump, the total budget of NATO will have exploded to the tune of 100 billion dollars by the year 2020, from increased Canadian and European contributions.

Determined to confront increasing Russian expansion near the Black Sea, NATO has thus organized numerous warships and fighter bombers to flex their muscles in a show of aggression toward the regional power.

In total, the United States, Canada, Holland, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Romania have all began to take part in aerial and naval war exercises directly on the borders of contested Russian territorial waters by utilizing the ports of Odessa within the Ukraine and Poti in Georgia.

These exercises are designed to test the boundaries with Russia, while emphasizing the NATO capability to retaliate, should Russia “step out of line”. The formidable Italian air and naval forces were also put to work, sending their Eurofighter bombers and fighter jets to patrol the Baltic sea, countering any Russian air activities.

To give an indication of the size and scope of such NATO “exercises,” in 2018 alone NATO conducted an astounding 103 exercises, 51 of which were open to additional “partners” in the region, further rattling the sabre and inviting increased tensions with the Russian nation.

Projected for the year 2019 are a total of 102 NATO exercises, 39 of which are open to “partner” or non-NATO nations. In total, a full 209 exercises will constitute the NATO war-footing plans, with national and multinational exercises.

These exercises provide a full-spectrum of defense mechanisms, including provisions for chemical, biological, radiological nuclear defense, logistics, communications and medical support systems.

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While the objectives outlined by NATO presume to be defensive in nature, can it truly present these operations as serving the objective of peace within the region?

As outlined, the practices offer a full-range of artillery designed for the complete and total annihilation of the Russian state as we know it and send a clear message of provocation to the sovereign state, directly on its borders and within its own locality.

Is this purely “defensive” or would it be more apt to regard such exercises as a reckless show of force, projecting complete dominance over the region?

If so, how can they possibly be concluded to serve the interests of long-term stability or peace with Eastern Europe and its partners or nations?

NATO justifies these exercises for the purpose of securing the sovereignty and security of its partners, but it becomes increasingly clear upon inspection that these drills are meant to display the teeth of its war arsenal and strike fear of destruction into any who challenge U.S. or western supremacy abroad.

Such approaches to international affairs have already been proven by history to be utter failures in the progress of humanity. When will NATO learn their lesson?

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