Ashley Daneman has launched a music project to help people overcome their trauma

Ashley Daneman has launched a music project to help people overcome their trauma

A new music project has been launched as part of a bid to inspire people who are facing severe difficulties.

Jazz singer/songwriter Ashley Daneman is launching a new initiative that combines her passion for music and storytelling as part of ‘the Beauty Indestructible Project’.

She is asking people to share a short story about themselves or someone they know who has persevered through adversities or overcome hardships in life.

Participants can depict their stories via social media, through the hashtag #beautyindestructibleproject. Daneman hopes to collect 1,000 stories for the project, which is linked with her album ‘Indestructible Beauty’.

Daneman, who herself is a survivor of post-traumatic stress disorder, will choose one story each week between now and January 20 to highlight on her social media channels.

She told ivoh: “The goal is to encourage and inspire thousands of people through these stories that show the ‘indestructible beauty’ of a person’s life. Sometimes when you are suffering, you think it’s the end. We all need other people’s stories as proof that we will get through a dark time and that even if our life has been touched by tragedy or trauma, we can be beautifully joyful again.”

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