Graham Nash has helped hundreds of people for free

A kind-hearted builder in the UK has been praised after helping hundreds of people rebuild their homes after being scammed by cowboy builders, it has been revealed. 

Graham Nash, 50, of Leeds, has worked for free, rallied local tradesmen to help – and sometimes, spent money out of his own pocket to restore people’s broken homes.

His altruism started after a client called him to fix some work that was carried out by a cowboy builder.

Graham kindly helped them to rebuild it for free. 

Since then, Graham has gained a reputation as being the go-to person for people who have come into contact with a cowboy builder.

He has saved customers “thousands of pounds” on major projects and provided advice, discounts on materials or recommendations to hundreds of others. 

He explained in an interview with Leeds Live: “It’s not about helping people rebuild their homes it’s about rebuilding their lives. If working for free or taking a call at 9pm at night means helping someone then I’m happy to do it.”

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