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Michael Rochester is the ultimate example of how it is possible to remedy even the most dire of situations.

As one of the most prominent life coaches in Leeds and the proprietor of Essential Health and Wealth, an independent health website which contains information on healthy living, raw food and supplements.

He is also the owner of three businesses, and a youth coach. Rochester knows better than anyone the value of success, and has helped countless people to turn their life around. But it hasn’t always been that way.

As a young lad, he was diagnosed with asthma which grew worse with age, and he also battled drug addiction and homelessness.

In and out of homeless shelters, and addicted to almost every hard drug under the sun, he could never have envisaged the path that his life would take him on.

As someone who has previously been diagnosed with another incurable health condition, fallen out with family and battled alcohol addiction on top of everything else, things looked bleak for Michael.

But now, several years later his approach to holistic health and self-improvement has led him down a completely different path and he is now unrecognisable from his former self.

He says that no matter how bad things may seem, one of the most important ways for a person to take charge of their health and wellbeing is by recognising the power they have to change things.

In the space of a few years he has managed to do just that. He has not only treated but eliminated his asthma, kicked the drug habit, and turned his passions into money.

But the world is filled with people who have transformed their lives after hitting rock bottom. Admirable perhaps, but not all that unusual.

What makes his story so unique is the fact that as someone with no medical qualifications to boast of, he has also defied the doctors and the naysayers and cured not one but two health conditions that traditional Western medicine claims are incurable. He has also cured others.

So what’s his secret? According to Rochester, raw, whole foods is the answer. In fact, he takes it one step further. Not only can switching to a better diet change your health, it can also change your life and everything associated with it.

“I started meeting the most amazing people who introduced me to raw food. At first it seemed a strange concept because I was always taught to cook food to kill the germs in it. It was so foreign to me. I did some investigations, and found the integration between diet, emotions and ability to think in a suitable manner,” he said.

“I started learning about holistic health. I also learned other deeper things. For example, everything has its own frequency and if you are not putting the right frequencies into your body, then it is easier for you to succumb to bad health.

“Fresh raw organic foods have a higher frequencies than processed foods. If you have a healthy spectrum of frequencies within your holistic self, these frequencies will resonate and cause positive changes in your health and your life. As within, so without.”

But can eating, raw organic, vegetarian food really have such a beneficial and dramatic effect on our health? Well initial scientific research suggests that it can.

A  2006 study published in the Molecular Nutrition Food Research Journal, showed that cooking foods in temperatures of up to 120 °C can reduce vital amino acids by up to 15 per cent. The study also revealed that cooking can make foods harder to digest.

But more recent research published in  the journal PLoS Medicine showed that those with a genetic predisposition to heart disease can eliminate the risk of become ill by eating plenty of fruit and raw vegetables.

Researchers  from McMaster and McGill universities, Canada found that  when large quantities of raw vegetable, berries and fruit were consumed, the 9p21 gene responsible for heart disease was significantly weakened.

Extracts from the research also appeared in Science Daily and Medical News Today.

In fact there are many chronic and severe health conditions which can be overcome by switching to a healthier diet. Rochester explained how he helped to cure people with ME.

It seems that by making gradual changes to our diets, we can influence our health for the better.

But the key to a healthy body, according to Rochester, is a healthy mind. He has emphasised the importance of taking a holistic approach and controlling the emotions as the key to wellbeing.

“It is about controlling the mind because that will essentially control everything else. Once you put all these things in order, you will start to feel better in yourself. Like attracts like. So the more positive you can be, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, the more you’ll attract similar things into your life. This isn’t airy, fairy stuff and in fact it all goes back to even the most ancient of religions,” he said.

“If you want to be healthy, you’ve got to eat healthy, think healthy, eat healthy and interact healthily with others and build healthy relationships. In order to get the right things to appear into your life, you’ve got to be physically present in the right form.”

This he says has helped him in his own life and accounted for the turnaround in his own fortunes. For more information about alternative health therapies and supplements visit http://essentialhealthandwealth.wordpress.com.

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