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Dr Afrika

Can you CURE cancer? Akashic Times talks to leading doctor and herbalist Dr Llaila Afrika about holistic self-diagnosis.

Is it possible to cure serious diseases such as cancer or Aids? Mainstream medicine says it is not. But we live in a time when corporate pharmaceutical companies hold such a sway over the doctors we see and the scientists who test our medicines. Big pharma is known for manipulating the results of laboratory tests, pressuring educational institutions and doctors[Read More…]

Life coach cures chronic diseases with holistic remedies

Life coach cures chronic diseases with holistic remedies

Michael Rochester is the ultimate example of how it is possible to remedy even the most dire of situations. As one of the most prominent life coaches in Leeds and the proprietor of Essential Health and Wealth, an independent health website which contains information on healthy living, raw food and supplements. He is also the owner of three businesses, and[Read More…]