The Selma Bar regularly hosts live music events in Leeds

The Selma Bar regularly hosts live music events in Leeds

When the title of a song is “We left her blood on the floor”, it makes you wonder what the hell you have let yourself in for.

But as time went on, Step One certainly lived up to their reputation as being quirky, original and interesting, and the lyrics – centred around 21st century teenage angst- turned out to be thought-provoking, and nowhere near as horrific as I first assumed.

I’ve spent the best part of the afternoon packed into Selma Bar, Leeds, listening to the various acts and that have entertained the crowd throughout the day.

Despite my earlier scepticism and horror, I have to say I was impressed. Step One, is a local group, that is causing something of a stir in Leeds.

They perform a daring mix of electronic and Britpop and are perhaps a little more experimental than some of the bands I’ve seen in the city so far.

Brad Jones, 19, is the lead vocalist, with James Brown, on the drums, Rita Martins on piano, and Mark Johnson on the keyboard.

All are currently enrolled at the University of Leeds and like many young and fresh-faced student musicians, are hoping to forge a career from their talents.

They certainly created quite an atmosphere at Selma, with songs that executed lyrical prowess and originality.

The vibe was electric, and they had no trouble keeping the crowd entertained.

While it may be early days yet, I have no doubt that Leeds will not be hearing the last of this group. Watch this space.


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