A man has been arrested for shouting at David Cameron, it has announced.

Stuart Rodger, 23, hid in a toilet at the Grand Central Hotel before entering a room where the prime minister was addressing Conservatives.

The prime minister’s bodyguards then tackled Mr Rodger, who was then led away by Special Branch.

Mr Rodger was accused of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by violating a security cordon, shouting and failing to desist, attempting to approach Mr Cameron and “causing fear and alarm”.

He was sentenced to a community payback order with the condition he has to carry out 100 hours of community service.

However, Mr Rodger’s lawyer said the “security cordon” he got past was someone asking if he had a pass, and Mr Rodger had only gone a few metres into the room.

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  1. Don't forget yer Cup and Tuck yer Shirt in. says:

    Just another glimpse of the Future , Buckle your belts dig in your Spurs for our Human Rights are under serious Threat , these exercises are to test the water , check on public response. To know Thy Neighbour!

  2. Richard Hill says:

    Have the courts gone made as far as i know we have freedom of speech! Obviously the judge is looking for a promotion in to the high court and not really interested in justice! One more thing if the bodyguards grabbed the guy they should be charged with assault and sentenced accordingly!

    • 2

      All Rights in Britain are Negative Rights – we CAN do what the authorities DON’T say we CAN’T do – and any Freedoms are Privileges Granted, not Birthrights!

      • 0

        You are full of shit.
        You have much to learn

        • Piercefield says:

          a) Be nice; or be silent. Resorting to that sort of language means you have lost the argument.
          b) John is correct – though I would have phrased it differently – In Britain, you can do whatever you like – unless the Government has passed a law against it. In the US of A, you can do whatever you like – provided it’s written into the Constitution. In Chermany, of course, alles ist verboten, except what is specifically allowed.
          c) You, too, have much to learn (as have we all).

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