The last month the company responsible for the Dartford Tunnel and Bridge has recently introduced a pre-pay as you go. It is a good idea in theory.

However, the thousands of motorists that are unaware of this new regime could end up being fined. It is especially disconcerting for tourists travelling North as it is likely to cause confusion and misery when they get the fine.

It is advisable for all people wishing to use the M25 via Dartford to buy a pre-pay card for any petrol services en route.


This new charge for using the crossing was introduced in November 30th of this year. To the East of London the M25 crosses the river Thames at the Dartford-Thurrock river crossing.

Southbound (clockwise) traffic uses the Queen Elizabeth II bridge and northbound (anti-clockwise) traffic uses the two road tunnels known as the Dartford Tunnel which used to be the only means of crossing before the bridge opened in 1991.

Motorists will now have to pay a charge to use the tunnel in both directions, via toll booths located on the southside of the river or through a pre-payment account known as a DART-Tag.

The crossing is a crucial gateway carrying around 160,000 vehicles every day.

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