A law has been proposed in New South Wales, Australia which requires those with tattoos to register their tattoos to the state government.

The law is being justified as a way to crack down on biker gangs in the country but includes owners of tattoo parlours and even those with tattoos in New South Wales to submit detailed information about their personal associations and criminal histories, regardless of whether they have committed a crime or not.

In Queensland, similar laws are being proposed. Gold Coast MP Ray Stevens claimed that biker gangs were using tattoo parlours as a front to launder their ill-gotten gains, and a tattoo register would stop them using fake names and inflated tattoo prices to do this.

Police claim that at least one-in-four tattoo parlors across Australia are affiliated with outlaw motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, the Gypsy Jokers and the Finks.

At least that is what is being claimed. In effect, the law is being billed as a way to “protect” citizens, by essentially requiring a person to obtain permission before getting tattoos. In Queensland, gang members are banned from owning, operating or working in tattoo parlors.

Although the law in question specifically names tattoo parlours – the interpretation of that law has the scope to include those who get tattoos at unregistered parlours.

However, last year, plans to require all citizens to register their tattoos regardless of where they get them done were put on the table. Although that is yet to go through, the anti-biker legislation currently in place, could effectively lump those with tattoos in the same category as ‘gangs and criminals’.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman told Parliament: “This is not some flash in the pan or momentary phase. We are going to hunt you down. Take off your colors, get a real job, act like decent, law-abiding human beings and become proper citizens in the state of Queensland and you will not have to go to jail.”

When it comes to private citizens registering their tattoos, little has been said about how the authorities intend to ensure that all tattoos are registered.

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  1. 11

    WTF… Instead of worrying about MY TATTOOS FIX THE BLOODY COUNTRY… HOMELESS, MEDICARE, JOBS, CHILD ABUSE, DRINK ETC…. Oh well now I’m a nearly criminal that means no more volunteer anything, will my working with children’s be valid as I will technically have a criminal record.. Pull your head out of your rear end IDIOTS !! Slightly infuriated and miffed ……

    • 10

      Well, with this amount of issues which are difficult to solve making a media-drama and pissing people off makes sense. It turns attention away from real problems to flower on a shoulder.

  2. 0

    A total invasion on our rights and privacy. Arent there some unsolved murders?? Missing people and other unsolved crimes to deal with. I have numerous tattoos and my man is smothered in tattoos and we arent in a gang. What a waste of time and energy and money

  3. 0

    Tattoos don’t make us criminals!!!

  4. 0

    Well someone needs to wreck Newman and Abbott ,preferably put a bullet in both of them problem solved .

  5. 0

    Last straw for me ill kill any government fuck that drives me to register a fukn tattoo.Do they tattoo a number on your wrist while they are at it?

  6. Annie Mackinnon says:

    bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am 71 and have 15 tattoos.Some I wont show to anyone on ya bike. I am off to prison.

  7. 0

    what is this country coming too that people who just like body art or have a tattoo done because they have lost someone or thing very much loved to them is now going to have to go and say I have a tattoo just so the government can play big brother I say go to hell I have rights just like everyone else my grandfathers and uncles and aunties and family members and friends fought to make our country a free and a place where you are innocent until proven guilt well I guess not anymore. what a load of shit so if the government workers have tattoos are they going to have to register they have them or will they be ok because they are with the government who are the worst of all in bullying and killing off peoples way of life. GROW UP CHILD YOU WILL NEVER WIN THIS BATTLE

  8. Lisa masters says:

    Ok so I have tattoos but not assosiated with bikies. If we have to name every tattoo we have and which tattoo parlour we got them from I’m stuffed. I can remember the name of every parlour I have been to and which tattoos I got there. This is starting to be very intuitive and a lot of citizens out there will just either hide them under clothing or refuse to name where they got there tattoos done (if they remember that is).

  9. John Batesom says:

    Stuff these gtubby pollies I choose to wear tattos and have never been in trouble. Stuff Herr Newman and anyone else that tries this. I will not be registering any of my tattoos. Welcome to pre war Germany and Russia.. zig heil.

  10. 0

    All I want to know is when we are all going to ride down to A.C.T.and park our bike’s on the front lawn like the truckers and farmers have in the past and just show how many voters there are in Australia that ride bikes and have tattoos and tell them back of or we turn this country back into the free land we love. My god what are we men or mice . Someone with the skills to organize this get of your but and get the bikes rolling .

    • 0

      im with you, instead of all the whinging on public forums we need to be actively protesting this garbage… maybe you and i should get the bikes rolling.. My partner rides a Harley and has tattoos’, he has no affiliation with any clubs though and yet he has been pulled over many many times .. What the Newman Wanker is doing is called selective discrimination and that’s the beginning and the end of it… I would like someone to tell me how havn a tattoo means your a criminal and or a gang members.. Whats next then < people who make leather clothing going to have register as they could be part of a criminal gang ????? the people who provide the thread for leather goods going to have register as the could be part of a criminal gang….. pppfffttttt… piss off newman…. your wasting valuable taxpayers time and money..

  11. aussie veteran says:

    to the wanna be dictators…what did thousands of peple die for and countless serve for if not freedom from tyranny..beware history for when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty

  12. 0

    this law is so unaustralian , I thought our soldiers won our freedom of choice in the wars and not to let another dictator take the reigns he should be ashamed of himself for this. mega fail

  13. 0

    Was Newman raped by a big hairy tattooed biker,he seems to be going overboard with these laws.

  14. 0

    What a joke , it will have the same result as the gun buy back . Only the honest will do it & the people that don’t want to be identified in the event of a crime simply will not register . This idea is stupid another Government tactic to keep a eye on everything.

  15. 0

    How about cleaning all the coruption out of the police force first !! Before starting on anything else first !!!

  16. 0

    This is bullshit. I am not affiliated to any bikie club or gang but I have tattoos. So because I get my childrens names inked and my deceased brother who was 6 yrs old I must be a criminal. Seriously the Australian government needs to look at themselves. How do they think the Australian population is going to react having their Human Rights taken away. We have a right to privacy and to feel safe and these new laws make me feel like I have to hide. I for one wont sit back and allow police to harass me while my children are around simply because I have tattoos. There is going to end up being an Australian wide riot if this shit keeps going.

    • 0

      Our rights are slowly but surely being eroded bit by bit so that many of the public are not even aware of it. We live such busy lifestyles now that we forget to stand up for the things we want to, or are too apathetic to bother or feel powerless, or simply don’t know how to or are to scared to. They say we have more rights by putting in policies and laws that are ineffective, making people think they are secure or that the laws are balances, til you try to use them and find the laws are there but you don’t have protection because of this, this, or this. In the meantime, they pass the laws that suit them that do have weight and we are slowly transformed into who they want us to be. We are all puppets in their power and we are giving them more and more each day, slowly allowing them to erode any rights and freedoms our forefathers fought for.

  17. 0

    What a joke campbell newman is a moron

  18. 0

    this is bullshit there is no way i will tell them nazis what i have. this government is a fucking joke so we are all part of the new world order now AMERICA is in charge and the rest of the world will have to do as they ask got fuck your self’s . if you want to know anything look for your self you will have to come see me cos i wont be waiting in line to show you my tattoos EVER.

  19. 0

    this is an invasion on someones privacy….Why should the government get a power trip and give someone who wants to express art on their bodies to be registered. if thats the case how bout everytime one of our so called politicians fuck up that they get registered and what about artists who paint on canvasses etc, thats still art a big fuck you to the Australian government you are going down hill and think its good to sit up their in your seats and push law when half the time you all back track yourselves

  20. JazziiBearxx says:

    What happened to not being allowed to discriminate against tattoos now your trying to make a law to register tattoos because of a few bike gangs get the hell over it! Half of the peoe in the bloody country have tattoos good luck keeping up with that it’s not like yas can cut out tattoos off if we don’t register them!

  21. 0

    @dec The only thugs here are newman and his lap dogs and the police who seem to be enjoying doing newmans bidding way too much . We as adults/human beings are free to associate with whoever we please and get tattoo’s where ever and when ever we want without needing to gain special permission from anyone we are not related to. We are not naughty little children that need to be put in time out,be grounded and scolded and be told who we can play with or not and no one will tolerate being treated as such by any government or police force which proves to be more dangerous,corrupt and outlaw then any bikie i know. These laws are beyond bullshit.

  22. 0

    Like fuk they can drop dead.

  23. 0

    I have a tattoo on my left arm, it’s the southern cross! Because I was do proud to be an Australian, but everyday that I awake from my sleep something even more ridiculous and insulting to the citizens if this land happens, honestly, I’m contemplating having my sign of patriotism covered up because this nazi government is ruining our country, and yes I have friends In some mc’s! Majority of them are good people with better morals then most law enforcement officers.

  24. jamie steiner says:

    Sory to be the bringer of the boren truth. but they may well try an pass this but there is one problem us tattooists and the wider tattooed comunity understand that for starters they don’t have enoughf prison room to put all of us let alone the bikers.. the pther thing is the real reason behind this is the pollies an cops are the real controle freak crims that don’t like any one having pie with out their poo stained fingers being in it ..just take how they purpose to over tax low income earners an cut dole payments an swipe our hard earned superanuation but have a look at there massive sallarys and over exagerated budgets not one of them will lose a dollar while the hardest working of us get fed chips its about time we all stand up anmake a change

  25. 0

    I would also love to see the cops police the biker laws on Australia Post. Coz when a whole business of post men on bikes come riding out first thing in the morning Tony Abbott and the QLD state governement would probably shit themselves!!! But oh wait, the governement relies on their service… Can’t the government do anything better with their time.

  26. 0

    I say the government can kiss my as$!! I’m not registering any of mine ever. I’m not a criminal, most bikers are not criminals and I refuse to be treated like a f@#$ing criminal in my own god damn country!! Tony Abbott is making this situation worse with the bikers as is the QLD governement . I’m ashamed to say I was born in Queensland!! This is bulls@#t!!

  27. 0

    the state government can go fuck themselves… I will not register my tattoos and how many I have… fucking ridiculous… if they carry on in this vein then half of the police force will be in gaol because they have tattoos… fuck you!!!!

  28. Marie Carter says:

    This story is RUBBISH. No laws were passed and it does not affect individuals as stated. Shame on you!!!

    • Samuel Jacobs says:


      I don’t know how much you know about Australia, but in actual fact they were thinking of bringing this law up a while ago.

      Although nothing arose from that debate, what happened is they started to target the tattoo parlours. Ask yourself why.

      I am a lawyer and have read the laws in detail, and although it does not specifically mention ‘individuals’ as it states in this article, I agree the scope is there and as such should be of concern to everybody.

      So not quite ‘rubbish’ afterall. It is easy to become to complacent, but anyone with a thorough understanding of the way the laws work can see the worrying dilemma this presents.

  29. 0

    How many cops in Qld and NSW have tatts. You also have cops who ride motorbikes…in effect their a gang …This is going beyond a joke.

  30. 0

    What a pointless law!!! Good luck with the dumb nuts trying to Enforce it!!! Plenty of crims don’t have tatts!!!!

  31. 0

    What a fckn joke.
    Get a grip on ya power trip.
    I lived in NSW, for several years.
    I am covered in tattoos and piercings.
    I also ride a 1100cc motorbike with my daughter on the back.

    I certainly wont be ridin in QLD with their shitty attitude towards
    Bikers, since my partner and I ride together with our children on the back.

    • 0

      This is the attitude that they use to push it more and more….”see we told you all those tattooed and pierced individuals are dangerous thugs or thugs in the making”

      QLD with its anti biker laws, had to allow the Great barrier reef to become not so great to support the loss to economy.

  32. 0

    Go Get FUCKED

  33. 1


  34. 0

    we are lost.

    whatever the agenda is, its happening rapidly. what can ya do

  35. carolinemerald says:

    That is flat out bizarre – racist & prejudiced. Tattooing is an art form – It is nobody’s business except the person who has chosen to embellish their body. Sounds like the legislators need a little education in culture – they seem a little confused. Bikes cut down on fossil fuel use. Isn’t that what we are striving for?

    • 0

      If you have a “group” or “Organization” that has chosen a set design to identify its “culture” and this “culture” has been deemed a “threat” to those sitting on the top, Mind you…the same guys that may or may not secretly meet these “Cultured individuals” to do the dirty work ensuring they get their way.

  36. 0

    This shows another pathetic way of the Australian government
    wanting to get in on everyones business and secretly wanting to
    make a registry of all known tattoos on all known people to help
    make it wasier to solve crimes.
    This will act as something similar to a fingerprint registry.

    Well I am Australian and also live in NSW and they can eat a dick if they think im going
    to the trouble of putting my personal body art in some stupid register and a full into depth detailed description of my tattoos.
    This will cause a massive uprising if they try and make this happen and how the fuck are they gping to police this.
    Out of all the serious gang related things and terrorism along with murder and unsolved crimes they could be working on within my country and they waste there pathetic time on this useless shit.
    I am ashamed in our government them thinking that we are going to fall for this another way of them keeping track of us.

  37. 0

    LOL thats the government for you worried about tattoos and not the families struggling cause of their stupidity and cut backs

  38. 0

    PFFFT! HAHAHA!……. Um…… No. (Insert Grumpy Cat)

    I refuse and wilfully disobey these laws.

  39. 0

    I have never been in trouble with the law. I served this country in the army and work as a correctional officer in NSW for 18 yrs. and if the governments want to target criminal gangs and groups that have no respect for the law I understand that. so lets start with the Islamists that openly flaunt the law and threaten violence against Australians. then lets look at the loss of the average Aussies rights… If I am stopped and told I am required to register my tattoos law or not I feel sorry for government official police or not because that is an invasion of my human rights and I will defend my rights to my last breath…

  40. 0

    This is discrimination. There truly is no government like no government.

    • 0

      Not true, without any government the country would descend into anarchy. Without financial regulations, the GFC will become a recurring event. Without environmental regulations, the gulf oil spill will become a recurring event. As a country we need rules to protect innocent people from those who would take advantage of us. Unfortunately, in this case, the innocent people are the victims of this particular law.

  41. Toni Marshall-Besse says:

    I am a 58yo female I got my first tattoo 3yrs ago. I hold a blue card and a yellow card never been charged with anything in my life. It was on my bucket list and I intend getting another be fanned if I’m going to register with the police!!! My son-in-law did my tattoo he is what I would call a skin artist and owns and runs a shop. Definitely not associated with bikers. He did own a dirt bike once lol.

  42. 0

    that i good all regiser it like cow.

  43. 0

    So if they are banned from owning or working in them then why do they need people to register them. This is the equivalent of the mark of the beast and soon we will be looking at RFID tracking chips!

    • Austin Reading says:

      Look closer, your QLD licence now carries a microchip and I understand the eventual goal is for that chip to carry ALLl your licence AND social security details…..they’ve already started the micro chip revolution, its the “AUSTRALIA CARD” the population voted against 15 yrs ago.

  44. 0

    thank the morons that voted

  45. Socila rider says:

    what is this country coming to ! who the hell ‘ would want to live in Queensland. with Newman’s pathetic laws… the amount of Innocent social riders that are getting harassed by these new laws up there , is an absolute joke… they pay there rego’s like any other motorist up there and just get targeted . i saw the video clip of the social biker in the servo .. 6-8 coppers just totally harassing him. the cop sheila asks him questions and takes his license , before he even gets it back there is another copper asking him again for his license and details ! are the coppers really that stupid up in Qld ? and now they want to see every one tattoos ? whats next . they want to star up your ass !! and this thing 3 bike or more you will have to ring a number etc… they will just leave there bikes at home and take there cars .. Newman your an idiott . and by the sounds of your stupid laws. its about time ppl voted you out ? cheers

  46. 0

    Yes it’s true.
    Queensland is the worst.
    Bikies whether associated with outlaw
    gangs or not are targeted.
    Last week a librarian was locked up for five
    days under the association laws because she
    had lunch with her partner and his friend (a bikie).
    It disgusting. It’s criminal. It is taking away our
    rights to have a drink or lunch with we want to.
    I am not a proud Queenslander anymore.
    We are living under a Hitler replica.

    • 0

      Really? That’s just awful. Do you have any references?

    • -1

      Then don’t associate with thugs

      • 0

        It should not matter whom we associate with, might as well lock up all those Muslim terrorists while were at it.

      • Noeleen Trueman says:

        REALLY…so all bike riders are thugs??
        I suppose all people with tats are too ??

        That being so then my husband (rider and tat), son (tats) and daughters( tats..and pillion) are thugs…oh and me too because I associate with them…


        You need to realise what is happening is a total erosion of rights

        • 0

          If you are not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about ! and if you want the bikie gangs stopped, and you are inconvenienced in the meantime, then deal with it!

          • 0

            So enjoying lunch hour with your partner and one of his mates is wrong?
            Because if you’d bothered to read the link from the ABC you’d see that what you just said simply isn’t true. Innocent of people are being presumed guilty on the basis of who they’re seen with.

          • 0

            I would like corporate corruption and vote rigging to be stopped. Those forms of crimes affect more citizens than bikie gangs.

          • 0

            Briony that’s where’s your wrong and the laws are wrong you don’t have to be doing anything wrong and be arrested just for hanging with family or friends.

          • SickOfIdiots says:

            A law implying I’m a criminal for having a tattoo is ridiculous. I haven’t done anything wrong but I am worried about being “registered” as if I had. This is not an inconvenience, it is a breach of my rights. The main problem is all the idiots (you) who support foolish proposals and are too quick to give away their freedom. You should be on a register for dumbing down society!

          • 0

            You are probably another one of those naive robots that voted this fuckwit in in the first place. Shut up and get off the internet

          • 0

            And who are YOU to tell me to deal with it huh? I got tattoos and its not up to some Hitler-wannabe to tell me to register them. I’m sick and tired of this rubbish. Even in Russia they target individuals and gangs for BREAKING laws, not for associating with those people. I was a waiter at a cafe and served my fair share of organized crime members. So I should be in jail now? Wishing you all the worst!

  47. 0

    WOW.. Whats happening to Australia?!??!?! Police state soon?

  48. carley tierney says:

    when did this become a communist country?

    • 0

      You mean totalitarian? This actually typical fascist behaviour, the polar opposite politically. Totalitarianism is the unfettered enforcement,it has nothing to do with communism especially in the light of the government enforcing it, in this case , capital L Liberals.
      Understand it before saying it.

      • 0

        I have several tattoo’s, all done over the 27 years of loyal service as a full time soldier, protecting everyone’s rights to enjoy the protection of the Law. And now those very laws are being changed taking us backwards towards being barbaric; treating human beings by the way they look? What’s next? Listing the tattooed as vermin?
        Communist or fascist, BOTH are totalitarian regimes and mirror each other even though they are from the opposite sides of the political spectrum. The end result is the same, find a part of the society to isolate, vilify and then it’s ok to have the “yellow star” emblems to identify the Boogie man and eventual lock them all away to fade from popular memory…. Hitler’s version; or the “the insane” argument of Stalin, whisk all opponents off to the asylum to rot or be disposed of quietly.
        So do you sack every Police, Fire, Ambulance officer and public servant that has tattoo’s to? Because if they are exempt why then can’t the rest of us without criminal records be treated the same? Oh and let’s not forget those that have medical tattoo’s; you know breast cancer survivors for example.
        Our criminal law is based on “innocent till proven guilty” unlike other countries where the onus is on you to prove your innocent. If we are going to throw that away then perhaps the Medieval trial by ordeal will be the next thing the Liberals will bring back!

    • 0

      It has been for a long time but the general population are just to stupid to realise it.

    • 0


  49. Michelle Todd says:

    how invasive. .. im no bikie and I have tatts.. you guys should target pedophiles.. go catch real criminals that brake the law.. not guys that enjoy two wheels. that protect children and raise money for good causes. . .SO UNAUSTRALIAN

    • 0

      Could not agree more Michelle. Newman has his head that far up his backside he does not realise how many of ‘his’Police have tatts, would they be required to register theirs as well I wonder? And Defence personnel too, he is afterall an ex Major in the Australian Army. He didn’t get his nickname of “Noddy” for nothing.

  50. 0

    what a JOKE

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