Parents who defy court orders prohibiting them to have any contact with their children – which includes waving goodbye – are routinely thrown into jail by British social services, it has been revealed.
This is not just occurring in cases where parents have been found to be abusing or neglecting their children but in cases where no wrongdoing has been proven.

These court cases are at times so secretive that all parties are banned from naming those involved for fear of jail time or reprisals.

It is for this reason that we are unable to disclose full details of all of the examples given here at the Akashic Times.

However, we can highlight one case which made headlines in the UK, in which Kathleen Danby, a 72 year old grandmother was given a three-month prison sentence after police produced CCTV footage showing her and her 18-year-old granddaughter running to embrace in a pub car park.

Ms Danby had defied a court order which stated that she was only allowed to have contact once a month over the telephone under strict supervision.

The teen – who has severe learning disabilities – had previously tried to escape care nearly 200 times, due to the way she felt she had been treated.

Her father had previously been jailed after restraining her for her own safety after she had tried to run into a busy road.

He has since been imprisoned twice for waving at her when he saw her in a passing taxi.

These cases arise out of a system in which the court of protection can place severe restrictions on parents and grandparents on children who have not harmed them in any way at all.

Often relatives are made to sign strict and complicated contracts binding them to terms and conditions under which they can meet their children.

These contracts also have strict clauses forbidding the display of any affection or emotion. The conversations that parents can have with their children under these circumstances are also strictly limited.

No reference can be made to the courts, social workers or any one else involved in the case. Whispering is also forbidden and if a child’s native language is not English, parents are prohibited from being able to speak to their children in their mother-tongue.

Parents who break these rules can face severe punishment and jailing. This has led to a number of people being jailed for waving, talking, or even smiling at their children.

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