An Ohio couple woke up to find a strange man screaming at their baby, after he managed to hijack their baby monitor and used it to torment the youngster.

The man had been using the monitor to watch the baby sleep and was heard screaming “wake-up baby” by the parents who were woken up from their sleep at the sound of the man yelling.

Heather and Adam Schreck said they felt violated after hearing the oddball bellowing at their ten month daughter, Emma.

Heather noticed the monitor moving erratically, and the man then started screaming again.

The monitor only moves if someone is in the room or if someone is using it to watch the child.

After the parents walked in, the man then started shouting obscenities at the parents. Adam then quickly unplugged the monitor, after realising that their Foscam IP Camera had been compromised.

Experts say that internet-connected devices in the house can give a hacker easy access to some of your other Wi-Fi connected devices.

Commenting, Dave Hatter, a solutions expert for Infinity Partners, said: “It’s not just that they want to get in and mess with your camera. More sophisticated hackers know they can use this as a launching off point to get into your network and potentially steal your ID or use your network to launch malicious attacks against someone else.”

The parents said they had no idea how long the man had been spying at the child or screaming obscenities at her in an attempt to wake her up.

The case follows a similar incident in August where a couple in Houston, had their baby monitor hacked by a nutter.

Mr and Mrs Gilbert had walked into their two-year daughters room to hear a man yelling “wake up you little slut” at their baby.

Somewhat fortunately, young Allyson Gilbert was unable to hear the thug, because she is hearing-impaired.

In a similar vein to this case, the hacker then started swearing at the parents as soon as he saw them walk into the room.

Many parents nowadays use baby monitors to keep an eye on their littles ones. However the introduction of high-tech monitors which use cameras and Wi-Fi connections to keep an eye on children, presents an unforeseen danger to parents and their young ones.

This is because they can be hacked – easily as it happens – and provide valuable information to fraudsters, government agencies and weirdos.

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