A police officer who was sacked after conducting public cavity searches on two Texas women has been rehired it has emerged.

State trooper Jenny Bui has been dubbed the ‘pervert cop’ by the media after she was called to assist in a routine traffic stop and forced Brandy Hamilton, 26, and Alexandria Randle, 24,to undergo painful cavity searches in full view of passing cars in broad daylight.

It also emerged that she used the same gloves on both women – indicating a lack of hygienic or professional training.

After initially firing Bui on June 29, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced on Friday August 9th that they had rehired her, despite admitting that she behaved inappropriately.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw blamed Bui’s supervisor instead: “While the actions of Trooper Bui constitute misconduct, I believe her actions are mitigated such that she should not be terminated from the agency.

“After extensive criminal and administrative investigations surrounding the facts and circumstances of this incident, it was determined that the relatively inexperienced trooper was directed by a more senior trooper to conduct the inappropriate search. Based upon the results of an internal investigation, the more senior trooper, Nathaniel Turner, was terminated.”

It has also emerged that Bui has a separate case against her pending over the groping and internal probing of other women in a completely separate case.

The lawyer for the two women,  Allie Booker, has since reported that her office has received numerous calls from additional women reporting the same abuse by Texas Troopers.

The Department has recently required every DPS commissioned officer to re-familiarize themselves with the department policy on strip searches and body cavity searches. Following that review, each officer has been required to sign an acknowledgement of receiving, reading and understanding the search policy.

Another aspect of the case that has not received as much media attention is the fact that while the troopers were subjecting Hamilton and Randle to this humiliating sexual ordeal, their family members who had gone with them to the beach saw them being detained and stopped to wait for them. The Troopers then accosted them and demanded all of their IDs.

Texas Trooper Kevin Marmor admitted this while being recorded by the family in question in 2010 and is currently being sued in federal court, along with his partner Yolanda Aguinaga.

Recently, it has come to light that a number of disturbing trends are taking place across the United States where police are forcing people to strip and then bend over or squat whilst naked in public, and in the worst cases, submit to a cavity search. In many of the cases, there was no privacy at all and officers of a different gender were present, as were members of the public who were either passing by or had gathered to watch.

In Oakland for example, it was recently reported that  44 African-American men won a combined  $5,850,000 in damages following their ordeal.

It is unsurprising therefore how many have come to distrust the police and are wary of police encounters. For this reason, we have reproduced a guide below giving some tips below on how to calmy assert your rights in a situation when you may encounter the police. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice and we strongly recommend that ALL citizens familiarise themselves with the laws of their country and their constitution.

It is also worth noting that forcibly inserting the hands into the a person’s vagina or anus counts as  sexual assault, sodomy and rape under the law – regardless of uniform. One has to wonder why cavity searches are necessary in light of the X-Ray technology that exists.

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