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Around 45 per cent of reported crimes are not investigated by the police, according to the Metropolitan’s own figures.

New data released by the police highlighted the fact that many cases are simply tagged unsolvable, or “screened out”, just hours after an allegation is made.

Their data for 2012-2013 shows that 40 percent of residential burglaries, 76 percent of all motor vehicle thefts, 40 per cent of individual fraud allegations, two thirds of criminal damage claims and 23 percent of robberies are not investigated.

Conservative member of the London Assembly, Roger Evans said the situation is a disgrace.

“Many criminals’ illegal activities escalate each time they get away with it, so we are sending out a very dangerous message.

“If you are a thief in London, you can rest assured that over three quarters of your crimes reported by victims will be ignored by police.”

Their own statistics reveal that police have ignored a total 346,397 cases last year.

Out of two million crimes committed every year in England and Wales, over 650,000 are not investigated by the police.

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