Thousands of police officers in the UK have been identified as breaking the law, it has been revealed.

Official figures released under a Freedom of Information Act have revealed that 4,115 officers have been found guilty of misconduct – many for committing crimes as serious as sexual assault, drug trafficking, fraud, drink-driving, child pornography and domestic violence.

However, given the difficulty in securing convictions against police officers, this is likely to just be the tip of the iceberg.

Out of the 4,1115 found guilty of misconduct, just 643 were sacked and forced to resign.

Among them was a sergeant sacked for having three sub-machine guns and ammunition and a police constable who was given a warning for having sex in a public park.

The figures also show that the problem of police misconduct is getting worse.

Information supplied by 34 out of the 43 forces show that, in those five years, the number of officers found guilty of misconduct rose by 56 per cent from 559 to 873.
In London, the number of Met officers found guilty of misconduct rose from 47 in 2008 to 327 in 2012.

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