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Police have warned that they will seize the phones of bystanders if they attempt to film the police while they are on duty.

Officers have been instructed to look out for members of the public trying to video them when they attend 999 calls.

The move follows claims that some bystanders are using the images to “intimidate police officers” during violent arrests.

While it is claimed that the ban is not attempting to stop people filming incidents, officers can claim that the person filming is “obstructing” police duties as a way of preventing themselves being photographed.

Association of Scottish Police Superintendents president Niven Rennie said: “Officers are made aware during their training that they may be captured on film and how to react.”

FBI boss James Comey claims officers being filmed on smartphones has led to a rise in violent crime in the US.

However, he has not explained how or been able to prove the correlation between officers being filmed and the rise in violent crime.

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers are aware members of the public may film them in the course of their duties. Such action is not a criminal offence unless it causes an obstruction to the officer carrying out their professional duties.

“Any individual causing an obstruction will be warned about their behaviour. If such actions persist, they face being arrested and their equipment being seized.”

It is important to note that these new rules are not yet enshrined in law and have been introduced arbitrarily by the police themselves.

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